MyCAA Program FAQs

Here is a collection of the most commonly asked questions about the MyCAA program.

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MyCAA Eligibility

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MyCAA Accounts

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MyCAA Schools

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MyCAA Education and Training Plans

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MyCAA Financial Assistance (FA)

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Click or Call MedCerts® Today at 800-734-1175

Pharmacy Technician Externship


MedCerts has reached a nationwide agreement with Walgreens Pharmacy that will give Pharmacy Technician students an edge when preparing for the PTCE exam, and will set our graduates apart within the job market.


How can we help?

For all current student inquires in regards to Academic Policies, General Information, and Student Material Distribution we recommend that you call 800-734-1175. For more information on how MedCerts can help you, please choose from the following:

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