Important Refund Information

All tuition and fees paid by the applicant shall be refunded if the applicant is rejected by the school before enrollment. An application fee of not more than $25.00 (not more than $10.00 for veterans) may be retained by the school if the application is denied. All tuition and fees paid by the applicant shall be refunded if requested within three business days after signing a contract with the school. All refunds shall be returned within 30 days. After the third business day has elapsed, the following refund policy goes into effect.

When written notice of program cancellation is received prior to program start date, the student will receive a 100% refund of the full program tuition.

MedCerts programs are priced as a package, therefore, in the event that a refund is issued after the program start date, only the unused tuition will be refunded.

Any unused tuition balance will be refunded based on the following schedule when written notice of program cancellation is received after the program start date:

If you receive educational benefits through the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA) and you wish to cancel your program, you must submit a written notice of cancellation to MedCerts. Upon receipt of written notice of cancellation, MedCerts will refund the amount of the unused portion of the veteran's tuition. Unused tuition will be calculated on a prorated basis by taking the total cost of the program paid by the veteran, less the price for any courses, books, materials, labs, and exams used by the student prior to the date of the cancellation notice.