MF 1011

Manufacturing Fundamentals

64 hours
4 weeks

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This series of introductory level courses provide students with a basic understanding of manufacturing fundamentals. The broad nature o the content will prepare students for higher level courses in Machining, Industrial Maintenance, and Welding. Through engaging and interactive learning activities and assessments, students learn the foundational skills, safety guid...


  • Describe basic manufacturing processes and the equipment/tools needed to produce products
  • Describe how to read blueprints and basic math concepts necessary for careers in manufacturing
  • Define materials, their properties, and how manufacturing changes these properties
  • Describe quality and how it is measured in manufacturing
  • Define safety guidelines and the importance of communication that employees and employers must follow in manufacturing occupations

What’s included

    • Expert-led video based training
    • Textbooks (printed and e-book)
    • Competency assessments


    • Web browser with internet connection
    • Course registration
    • Course payment
    • High School Diploma or GED


Fully online


Open for enrollment


Access is provided for 12 months


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