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Issuing Authority

Issuing Authority National Institute for Metalworking Skills

The National Institute for Metalworking Skills (NIMS) was formed to develop and maintain a globally competitive American workforce. NIMS sets skills standards for the industry, certifies individual skills against the standards and accredits training programs that meet NIMS quality requirements.

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Certification Training Options ForNIMS Machining - Measurement, Materials, & Safety

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MedCerts Two And Four Year Colleges Other Online Programs
Program & Tuition Cost $4000 average Up to $20,000 $3000 average
Exam Fees, Books & Materials Included Up to $750 Up to $750
Job Ready In 3-6 months 24-48 months 3-6 months
Schedule/Flexibility On-demand 24/7 Set Class Schedule On-demand 24/7
Travel Requirements None - 100% online On-Campus Classrooms None - 100% online
Student Support Personal Advisors - text/call/email access Professors - scheduled office hours Support Inbox
Career Coaching Exam-tailor + soft-skill training to build well-rounded careers Exam-based + prerequisites and electives to meet credit hour requirements Exam-specific only
Content Delivery 3D animations, immersive environments, interactive activities, game-based learning Professor lectures Varies - typically videos & presentations

This table is for reference only. Actual prices, durations and features may vary. Pricing is based on full-cost tuition for a Medical Assistant or similar program before financial aid.

NIMS Certification. Skill Gained

  • Gain knowledge of basic measurement and inspection
  • Inspection planning and sampling/SPC
  • Understand gage blocks and surface finish
  • Learn process planning/process improvement
  • Acquire MSDS knowledge
  • Understand machine maintenance procedures and documentation
  • Recognize hand tool safety and maintenance
  • Perform drilling, milling, tapping and threading process adjustments

NIMS Career PathwaysAttainable Jobs

highest Paying


A Machinist builds and repairs precisely detailed and sized metal parts used in a variety of tools and appliances. They build parts following a blueprint or creates original designs.

$32000 - $53000
Estimated Salary

highest Paying

Production Worker

A Production Worker performs a variety of duties in a factory. Operates machinery, manages distribution and provides quality control inspection.

$22000 - $39000
Estimated Salary

highest Paying

Manufacturing Machine Operator

A Manufacturing Machine Operator operates machinery used in a manufacturing facility, including a range of machines used for the production or transport of goods.

$24000 - $44000
Estimated Salary

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