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MedCerts students exit their experience with a comprehensive, yet targeted education. Our online job certifications are considered dual or multi certification programs. Our career certifications will help you earn the credentials you need to start a new career and increase your earning potential.

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Certifications are what prove to employers that you are qualified and trained in a career field. It helps you stand out during a job search and oftentimes will lead to better pay. MedCerts programs are designed to prepare and train you to take the exams needed to receive certification. Earning a certification can give you a big leg up in the job market. It’s a key item that hiring employers look for on resumes.

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About Certifications

What is a certification?

A certification is a credential that you earn to show that you have specific skills or knowledge. They are usually tied to an occupation, technology, or industry. Certifications are usually offered by a professional organization or a company that specializes in a particular field or technology.

Why would I want a certification?

Some employers require a certification in order to apply for a job. Many people earn specialty certifications to help them advance in their careers. Some employers may also require workers to have certain certifications. This can be true especially in healthcare or financial fields.

How can I earn a certification?

Generally, you need to pass a test to earn a certification. Some organizations that offer a certification exam also provide related training. Or you may find certification preparation training at a local community college.

Data from CareerOneStop, United States Department of Labor, and the Minnesota DEED

How do I get started?

With online career training.

Our programs allow each student the ability to move through the training at their own pace, at the library, at work or at home. There is no more waiting for a course to be scheduled in the classroom; you can start the process today!

Online Training Certification Programs

Our recommendations.

HI 7000

Patient Care Technician

Certifications CPCT, CCSP

HI 6300

Cardio-Phlebotomy Technician

Certifications CET, CPT, CCSP

HI 6200

EKG Technician

Certifications CET, CCSP

HI 6100

Phlebotomy Technician

Certifications CPT, CCSP

HI 6000

Medical Assistant

Certifications CCMA, CCSP, CMAA

HI 6000E

Medical Assistant with Clinical Externship

Certifications CCMA, CCSP, CMAA


VetBloom Veterinary Assistant Program

Certifications AVA

DA 3000

Dental Assistant

Certifications RHS/ICE

BT 1000

Behavior Technician and the Medical Office

Certifications CCSP, RBT, CMAA

DA 4000

Dental Assistant and Office Administration

Certifications RHS/ICE, CMAA

BT 1100

Behavior Technician Specialist

Certifications RBT, CCSP

HI 9500

Healthcare Administration Professional

Certifications CMAA, CBCS, CEHRS

HI 9000

Allied Healthcare Professional

Certifications CMAA, CEHRS, CBCS, CPhT

HI 5100

Professional Coder

Certifications CPC

HI 3100

Electronic Health Records Specialist

Certifications CEHRS

HI 4000

Electronic Health Records and Reimbursement Specialist

Certifications CEHRS, CBCS

HI 3000

Medical Front Office and Electronic Health Records

Certifications CEHRS, CMAA

RX 3000

Pharmacy Technician Professional (ASHP/ACPE)

Certifications CPhT

HI 2100

Pharmacy Technician Specialist

Certifications CPhT

HI 2000

Medication Care Coordinator

Certifications CMAA, CPhT

HI 1200

Medical Front Office Administration Specialist

Certifications CMAA

HI 1100

Medical Billing Specialist

Certifications CBCS

HI 1000

Medical Front Office Assistant and Administration Specialist

Certifications CBCS, CMAA


Fundamentals of IT

Certifications ITF

IT 5100

IT Security Specialist

Certifications Security+

IT 5000

IT Security and Network Technician

Certifications Network+, Security+

IT 3000

Healthcare IT Technician

Certifications Network+, A+, CEHRS

IT 2200

IT Network Technician

Certifications Network+

IT 2100

PC Technician

Certifications A+

IT 2000

IT Helpdesk Administrator

Certifications Network+, A+

EA 1000

Administrative Customer Support Specialist

Certifications CCSP, ITF

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