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MedCerts helps case managers exceed their job placement goals by providing their clients with short term job training, credentials, and career services.


Short-term job training for your clients

When you choose MedCerts, you’e not just working with an online training school. You’re partnering with a team that cares about your success and the success of your clients. We measure success by how many students we train end up getting placed and staying in the career they are seeking. With ETPL status in 30 states, we operate nationally to get job seekers back into the workforce.

Short-term and fully online

Our programs work around the busy lives and schedules of your clients. Programs are all under 36 weeks in duration, and they can be accessed anytime. Clients have access to instructors for additional aid.

Student support

Our student support works with your clients to asses their skills and match them to the best programs and training opportunities. During their courses, we monitor progress and prepare clients for exams and retakes.

Progress reports

Case managers receive regular progress reports emailed to them for each client. At a glance, understand your client’s academic record, completion rate, and progress.

Externship partnerships

After certification, MedCerts works with your clients on resume writing, interview prep, and job placement support. We have partnerships with staffing agencies and companies like Walgreens and CVS for externship opportunities.

In-demand career training

We’ve identified high demand careers in healthcare, IT, and customer service to make sure your clients have the best outlook for employment. Our programs are created to make sure they are qualified and prepared for their future career.

Job placement support

MedCerts has agreements with many national pharmacies, hospitals, and job centers to guarantee interviews for people who complete our programs. We work hard to get people to work, sooner.

Path to Success.

We’re here at every step.

We’re the only online job training site to offer real partnerships to help you get a job faster.


One-on-one support

  • 30 minute live orientation
  • Plan course schedule
  • Receive books and supplies


Progress reports

  • Progress reports
  • Collection of e-Hired job leads
  • Regular check-ins
  • Help with job volunteering


Job placement support

  • Exam prep
  • Resume assistance
  • Take first exam
  • Job placement help

Get your clients hired

Exceed job placement goals

As a WIOA Case Manager your mission is to get your clients into a career that will improve their quality of life. Often, many barriers present themselves as a challenge to this mission. These challenges can be as complex as finding a training school that offers courses in a way that are convenient for students access, to as simple as what will the student wear to a job interview once she has received her certification. We know that our job isn’t done once the student receives a certification. Reach out to your Regional Workforce Manager today to learn more about our holistic approach, and how we can work together to achieve success.

For Students

How WIOA works

Are you a student? Learn more about financial assistance, finding jobs, and the services you get through WIOA and your local American Job Center.

Financial Assistance

WIOA Funding Options

Learn more about what WIOA funding is, if you qualify, and how to apply.

Programs and Jobs

Finding a new career

Use our job finder and learn how WIOA can help you get employed.

Services and Job Training

Career placement services

Learn how American Job Centers can provide job training and WIOA aid.

Success for your clients’ future.

It starts with you and us.

We take a holistic approach as we work side by side with you and your clients. We measure success by how many students we train and get placed in the careers they are seeking.

A better future starts here.

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We’ll give you more insight into our educational approach and how we help make you successful.

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