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3 Reasons You Should Use MyCAA to Take a Cardio-Phlebotomy Technician Course

As a military spouse, your career needs are unique. You need something that will make a real difference in the world, and you need to be able to take your career anywhere.

Healthcare is a great solution to both needs. Whether you prefer to work with patients or in a lab setting, a Cardio-Phlebotomy Technician program from MedCerts can get you the qualifications that will get you the job. The cost is just $3,750, but you may pay nothing out of pocket if you're a military spouse eligible for MyCAA funding.

1. Prepare for an In-Demand Career in Weeks, Not Years

As a Cardio-Phlebotomy Technician student, you'll receive a thorough education in anatomy and medical terminology. This is your base to go on and develop two highly in-demand skill sets, phlebotomy (blood drawing) and electrocardiography (heart rhythm testing).

You'll have the chance to do all of this in as little as 15 weeks, no matter where you are. Compare that to an associate's degree, which can take you two years or longer.

You don't even have to travel to a classroom. MedCerts' courses are fully online, so you can complete your job training no matter where you are.

2. Qualify for In-Demand Certifications

The Cardio-Phlebotomy program can qualify you for three different certifications. Each one will make you eligible for a job in the growing healthcare field.

Certified EKG Technician (CET)

Certified Phlebotomy Technician (CPT)

Certified Customer Service Professional (CCSP)

3. Get Personalized Job Placement Assistance

Your experience with MedCerts doesn't end with the curriculum. We also provide in-depth job search, externship-experiential learning opportunities and placement assistance, including resumé-writing help and interview prep.

We may even be able to pull some strings to get you that dream job. We partner with staffing agencies like Aerotek and large healthcare employers to get you in the door, earning, and contributing financially to your household.

The Takeaway

You're looking for a career. Dynamic and rewarding healthcare positions are available and waiting for qualified people. Since MyCAA schools let you study at no cost, and because you can complete MedCerts courses from wherever you’re living, there’s nothing to lose.

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Financial assistance

If you are a military spouse or your training is provided through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), you may be eligible for financial assistance to cover all or some of your tuition.

“This decision is a no brainer!” —Kara B.

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