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Top 5 Healthcare Jobs for Career Changers that Don’t Require a Degree

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the healthcare sector will add nearly 2 million new jobs between 2018 and 2028, a growth rate of 14%—nearly twice the average for U.S. occupations. These jobs can pay well above average, with the median healthcare salary standing at a lucrative $66,440 per year.

Although most high-profile healthcare jobs require a degree, there are a variety of opportunities in this sector that only need a quick certification. In fact, Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA program) clients may be the perfect candidates as these careers often appeal to adult students with big hearts, experience caring for others, and the ability to complete the short-but-challenging coursework.

Jobs in the healthcare sector are plentiful. By pursuing a fast and easy online healthcare certification, workforce development candidates can embark on their new careers in a matter of weeks or months, giving these certificates a high ROI for WIOA funding.

Here, we’ll briefly cover the top 5 healthcare jobs that don’t require a degree—including training durations, job descriptions, and the average pay for entry-level employees in the field.

1. Healthcare Administrator

How long is training?

28 weeks

Average entry-level salary?


What does a Healthcare Administrator do?

Healthcare administration professionals provide oversight to medical facilities such as physicians' offices, hospitals, and senior living homes. Healthcare administration professionals possess knowledge of relevant laws and industry regulations as well as skills in budgeting and finance.

2. Patient Care Technician

How long is training?

23 weeks

Average entry-level salary:


What does a Patient Care Technician (PCT) do?

A PCT assists nurses by helping patients with non-medical activities, such as eating meals and using the restroom. A PCT also sometimes changes bedding, monitors patient vital signs, and assists with bathing.

3. Professional Coder

How long is training?

22 weeks

Average entry-level salary:


What does a Professional Coder do?

Professional coders working in healthcare read patient charts to determine patient medical histories and diagnoses. Coders then assign tags to these pieces of information with an alpha-numeric code that meets regulations for reimbursement and data collection.

4. Electronic Health Records and Reimbursement Specialist

How long is training?

22 weeks

Average entry-level salary:


What does an Electronic Health Records and Reimbursement Specialist do?

Electronic health records and reimbursement specialists organize and track patient health data, including symptoms, treatments, medical histories, and health examination outcomes. Their work enters databases and registries that help improve patient care and overall health knowledge.

5. Medical Assistant

How long is training?

27 weeks

Average entry-level salary:


What does a Medical Assistant do?

A medical assistant undertakes clinical and administrative tasks in doctors' offices, clinics, and hospitals. These professionals record vital signs, check patient histories, give injections, and prepare blood samples for laboratory tests.

WIOA funding helps career seekers and switchers gain healthcare certifications that lead directly to employment in high-impact, high-need fields. To learn more about healthcare certifications and their benefits, features, and costs, visit MedCert's healthcare and medical programs' page.

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