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The Importance of Training Medical Billing Specialists

Among the many careers experiencing a shortage of trained workers, medical billing specialists are among the highest in demand across the country. This is a career that takes knowledge, organizational skills, and commitment and due to these rigorous demands, your applicant pool may be limited.

With growing healthcare shortages, many HR teams find themselves searching for alternative staffing solutions. Some teams have discovered it makes more sense to turn to internal training rather than to try to hire externally.

Hiring internally can be an excellent idea. First, though, you need to be able to identify employees who may do well as medical billing specialists, then figure out how to train them to make the transition.

Why Hire Internally?

Hospital staffing agencies may be able to refer you to external healthcare professionals in a pinch. However, these external applicants are not familiar with the nuances of your hospital. More importantly, you’re not familiar with them and you may find that an external applicant from a staffing agency isn’t a good fit.

When you hire internally, you already know your employees. You’re familiar with their strengths and weaknesses, and you’re in the best possible position to help them succeed in a new career. Hiring internally has a number of other benefits, including:

Finding the Right Employees

The key to successfully hiring internally is to find the right employees within your organization. Some of the most important skills to seek out for medical billing specialists include:

Speak with department supervisors to identify employees who meet these criteria. The goal is to find those in entry-level positions who are interested in learning new marketable skills. The positions vacated by these employees will be easier to fill than the more demanding medical billing specialist role.

Training Medical Billing Specialists

Once you've identified current employees who would make good medical billing specialists, the next step is to train them. Luckily, with online training and certification programs like the ones offered by MedCerts, prospective medical billing specialists can quickly and easily learn the required skills.

Online programs allow you to transition existing employees to new roles in the office. Should you choose to fund your employees' training, you prove that you care about building your team’s future and that you place value on having well-trained specialists in your office.

Big Challenges Need Creative Solutions

In the healthcare industry, job vacancy issues are always going to be a problem. Careers in the field require a large amount of specialized training. Turning to creative solutions, including locating and training new specialists internally, can help fill these vacancies while increasing team morale.

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Financial assistance

If you are a military spouse or your training is provided through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), you may be eligible for financial assistance to cover all or some of your tuition.

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