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The Difference Between Workforce Development and Job Training

Imagine you’re a potential employee hunting for a future career. Maybe you’ve been in the workforce for a while but are looking for a career shift, or maybe you're fresh out of high school looking to launch their career for the first time. You have no training and no employer yet, but you're eager to learn whatever skills a future employer might require.

Now imagine you’re an employer who's fully staffed, but your employees aren’t fully trained in a particular area. Maybe the organization has just implemented a new technology that no one knows how to use, or maybe overall customer service skills are lacking.

Initially, these two problems seem to have the same solution: training to develop new job skills. However, the first scenario requires workforce development while the second scenario requires job training.

Here, we'll go over the difference between workforce development and job training and explain how MedCerts can help with each.

What Is Workforce Development?

Workforce development is a term used to describe the series of interconnected programs that improve an entire region's workforce, with a focus on the needs of the individual workers in the region. Similar to how primary school teaches children to be well-educated and better-prepared adults, workforce development prepares individuals entering the workforce to have more to offer to potential employers.

If you’re a WIOA case manager, you’ll most often be dealing with workforce development. Clients may not have employers lined up by the time they come to you, but they are looking for the training needed to have competitive resumes.

How MedCerts Can Help

Workforce development programs work by creating a network of opportunities to help individuals in the workforce. MedCerts can be a valuable source of support in a workforce development program by offering comprehensive training in a variety of in-demand fields.

Through WIOA funding and military assistance, many of your clients can receive MedCerts training at no cost or at a reduced cost. That allows them to receive the training they need at a price they can afford.

What Is Job Training?

Unlike workforce development, job training is about training a group rather than an individual. This employer-led education helps employees learn the specialized skills they need to succeed in their current roles or simply to become more skilled workers in their field.

How MedCerts Can Help

MedCerts can help healthcare administrators and employers develop a turnkey solution that hones in on the specific skills you need to be developed.

With job training, you know exactly which skills you need your employees to master. MedCerts lets you train large swathes of your workforce at a time in these skills, or develop a specific leadership program available for employees looking to move up through the ranks.

Partnering with MedCerts for Training and Development

Once you understand the difference between workforce development and job training, you're ready to partner with MedCerts to provide the training your clients or employees need.

If you're a WIOA case manager looking to support a workforce development program, see how we can provide your clients with a no-cost education. Organizations looking for healthcare training solutions for existing employees can check out how our accredited pharmacy and healthcare training programs can help you attract, train, and keep employees.

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Financial assistance

If you are a military spouse or your training is provided through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), you may be eligible for financial assistance to cover all or some of your tuition.

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