MedCerts offers short-term, online courses in both Information Technology and Healthcare. Both of these fields offer employment opportunities and are in high demand almost anywhere you go. The MyCAA scholarship allows you to enroll and pay for these courses as long as you remain eligible.

Eligibility Requirements

To qualify for the MyCAA scholarship you must be the spouse of an active duty service member who is currently on Title 10 military orders. You must be able to start and complete all of your coursework while your spouse is under those orders. Your spouse must be at or below the following pay grades for you to be eligible for the scholarship:

  • E-1 to E-5
  • W-1 to W-2
  • O-1 to O-2

If they fall higher than those pay grades or transition upward, you will no longer be eligible.

What Does MyCAA Pay For?

The MyCAA scholarship will only pay for your tuition costs, examinations, and certification testing that you will need to immediately enter into your new career. By providing you with the funds to obtain your certification, you are given an opportunity to use the information you gained through your courses as soon as you complete them.

MyCAA Does Not Pay For:

  • Employer job training programs
  • Books, school supplies, or uniforms
  • Any type of student activity
  • Courses that are taken a second time
  • No reimbursements
  • Transportation or child-care costs

Please visit for a complete listing.

The MyCAA scholarship is worth $4000 with a $2000 a year cap. If you have paid for courses and still have money remaining, it can be used to pay for additional courses in the future as long as you remain eligible under the MyCAA guidelines.


Writter by MedCerts Team
Published on April 12, 2019


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