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How to Apply for Army Credentialing Assistance Online

With the modernization of GoArmyEd in January 2020, you can now sign up for Army COOL online. Earning credentials through the Army Credentialing Assistance Program can help advance your military career and pave the way for your transition to the civilian workforce.

Sign Up for Army Credentialing Assistance Online in Six Steps

Your Credentialing Assistance (CA) request must be submitted at least 30 days prior to the start date of the training course or exam you wish to take. The following six steps detail the documentation needed to make a successful CA request.

1. Select a Credential

There are three credentialing options that may be approved for CA. The Army COOL website has a different search method for each option.

MOS Related

On the Army COOL website, there is a gray banner with several options: Enlisted MOS, WO MOS, Officer and ASI. Choose the one that applies to you, select your MOS from the drop-down menu and hit next.

On the list that pops up, the certifications labeled “MOST” are eligible for MOS-related CA. Certifications marked with an M inside a star are institutionally funded and not eligible for CA.

Civilian Occupation Related

Select “Credentialing Assistance” from the thin black banner in the middle of the Army COOL homepage. On the next page, click on the “Credentialing Occupational Pathways” link in the second paragraph.

If you know the name of the credential, you can type it in the search bar. Then to find out which Credentialing Occupational Pathway that credential falls under, select “Related Occupations” and click on the “Civilian” tab.

If you know the Credentialing Occupational Pathway but not the specific credential, click on the drop-down list labeled “Select pathways and other filters.” Choose a pathway to see a listing of all credentials within it. Some credentials fall under multiple Credentialing Occupational Pathways.


Select “Full Credential Search.” Type either the initials or first word of the credential you would like to pursue. Credentials must be related to a degree you have already earned, not a degree you would like to earn in the future.

2. Check Eligibility

Once you have chosen a credential to work toward, carefully read the information on eligibility and exams for that credential. If you are not eligible, the CA request may not be approved.

3. Choose a Vendor

Find a training program for the certification you have chosen. Ask about prerequisites for the course you would like to take, and request a detailed class schedule and an itemized invoice.

4. Prepare CA Request Documents

First, download a Credential Plan template from GoArmyEd and fill in all the required fields. Then, download and digitally sign a Statement of Understanding (SOU).

Prepare any other required documents, such as transcripts and invoices, so they will be ready to attach to the CA request. Make sure you remove personally identifiable information (PII) from all documents before attaching them to the helpdesk case. PII includes social security numbers, date of birth, place of birth and mother’s maiden name. Use only your GoArmyEd ID number.

5. Submit CA Request

You must submit a separate Certification Assistance application for each training course and exam. Attach your completed Credential Plan, signed SOU and other documents to a GoArmyEd helpdesk case and submit it at least 30 days before the class start date.

6. Wait for a Response

Your credential plan will be reviewed by the Education Center and then forwarded to ACCESS Army U. You will be contacted when your CA is approved or if there are corrections required.

Wait to enroll in your course until after receiving approval so that all costs will be covered by CA. You do not need to purchase anything out of pocket, as ACCESS Army U will send all books and materials directly to you.

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