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Can You Use MyCAA More Than Once?

If you are the spouse of an Active Duty Service Member, you may be eligible for up to $4,000 of Financial Assistance from the Department of Defense. This MyCAA scholarship grant encourages spouses of military personnel to pursue education, training, licenses, certificates, and degrees leading to employment in Portable Career fields.

The MyCAA scholarship offers you $4000 to pay for continuing education that provides you with immediate skills you can use to obtain your certification. As long you remain eligible, you can utilize the entire $4000 benefit. It's important to remember that to use the scholarship, your spouse must be on active duty and at or below the following pay grades:

Is MyCAA a One-Time Thing?

While you can only receive the scholarship one time, you can continue to use the funds as long as you fit within the eligibility requirements. There is a $2000 cap per fiscal year but, if your course and certification costs exceed that amount, then more can be used up to the total $4000.

How Many Times Can I Use MyCAA?

Can I use MyCAA twice? Yes! Although you can't apply for the scholarship twice, you can use portions of the $4000 at different times. If you only use a portion of your scholarship on one of our MyCAA-approved healthcare programs or IT (Information Technology) certification programs, the rest can be used at a later date if you choose to take more classes. The only stipulation is that your spouse remains under their Title 10 military orders during that entire time.

If you are wondering 'can you use MyCAA twice' or have other questions about using MyCAA to pay for your job training, visit our MyCAA Funding Options page or submit the brief Info Request form above to have one of our Education Consultants contact you.

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Financial assistance

If you are a military spouse or your training is provided through the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA), you may be eligible for financial assistance to cover all or some of your tuition.

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