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3 Details Every Military Spouse Should Know About MyCAA

Tired of moving from one job to another with each new duty station?

If you’re ready to settle into a career and not a job, there’s an exclusive military spouses benefit you need to know about.

Enter MyCAA.

Known as the My Career Advancement Account Scholarship Program (MyCAA), this program offers a new career path option for military spouses who need to land employment in portable fields.

Fields like vet assisting, massage therapy, and the pharmaceutical industry, for example.

The program provides up to $4,000 of financial assistance for military spouses to pursue certificates, certifications, associate degrees, and licenses.

Whether you’ve always wanted to go back to school or just want to fill the time while your spouse is deployed, there’s plenty of reasons to use your MyCAA benefit.

Here we give you three more reasons to use MyCAA:

1. MyCAA is a Scholarship You Don’t Pay Back

The beauty of a MyCAA scholarship is that it’s not like a loan you need to pay back. The goal of the scholarship is to provide military spouses with an opportunity to pursue an education that allows them to find employment in high-growth, portable career fields.

Note: You can use up to two sources of federal education benefits for your education for the same program or course.

2. You Have to Meet MyCAA Eligibility Requirements

As with most military benefits, you have to make sure you're eligible first. A career counselor or education consultant can help you confirm if you are eligible.

Spouses who are NOT eligible include:

3. You Have Access to High-Quality Career Counselors

Even before you start using your MyCAA benefit, you have access to career counselors to get additional information about the MyCAA scholarship. Career counselors are available free of charge for you to contact at any point you need a career assessment or job assistance.

Counselors can help with the following:

Plus, counselors are available Monday through Friday, along with limited Saturday hours, too.

Settle into Your New Duty Station and Career

Military life comes with a lot of exciting transitions. However, starting a new job every two to four years isn't all that thrilling. That's one of the reasons MyCAA was created — to give military spouses a sense of stability in at least one aspect of their lives.

When you feel settled in your military life, things get easier. If you’ve been wanting to explore a new career path, there’s no better time than when you’re eligible to use your MyCAA scholarship.

Learn more today and set up your MyCAA account through the MyCAA Spouse Portal online or call the MyCAA phone number: 800-342-9647

Need more information about going back to school with MyCAA? Reach out to an education consultant today!


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Written July 19, 2019

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