“This decision is a no brainer”

Kara Brotherton

Our students speak about the transformative experience of changing a career. From our one-on-one support, exam prep services, and job placement partnerships, MedCerts helps you get to work sooner.

Lucero Woods, 20s


Went from House wife to Pharmacy Technician.

My experience with MedCerts was better than I expected. I was afraid there wasn’t going to be any interaction with teachers or counselors. I was afraid that I would have to figure it all out on my own, but I’m happy to say I was wrong! Throughout the program, I had exceptional help with everyone as soon as I began to sign up! I will never forget the help I received from Krystal Edwards and Jason Priest. I can honestly say they helped me grow as a person and helped me get out of my comfort zone which helped me get the job I always dreamed of! Ms. Edwards helped me get through my test anxiety and was very patient with me when we would review the material. I couldn’t have passed my test without her. And Mr. Priest was always there to answer any question I had and always encouraged me to do my best. I am so thankful for them as I am for my husband for encouraging me to pursue my dream!

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Aldethia Lankford, 50s


Went from Unemployeed to Human Resources Manager.

The experience with MedCerts has been very rewarding. The online classes are flexible and easy to follow. Also the telephone support is excellent. Whenever I had any questions someone helped right away. I am a licensed practical nurse and I was seeking additional skills in order to expand my marketability in the healthcare field. So I decided to take the dual certificate of CEHRS and CBCS. I found employment right away after passing the CEHRS exam in a nursing home, however this time no med pass. I was the Health Information Management Coordinator. I now use the pass tense because recently I accepted a promotion to Human Resources Manager with a salary just over $46,000. Thanks MedCerts for helping me increase my knowledge as well as my income.

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Meladie Garey, 30s

South Carolina

Went from Medical Assistant to IT Technician.

My most memorable moments I have with Medcerts is the support I got from my IT and Tech support specialist Joseph Fischer. Any time I felt doubt and life in general had thrown events at me that felt unmanageable. Joseph was able to assure me that my hard work will pay off. He knew my personal situation and provided me with ideas and resources to manage my study time. Knowing I am a mother with young children, a military spouse (which meant being away from my spouse and close family) and working odd jobs. There was a few events that life brought up. Two of those situations stood out. Once, was when I became seriously ill and he made sure I was fully healed and ready before trying to test. Another, was when my grandmother had an accident and he asked about her welfare knowing it effect my focus. Over all the kindness support and persanable experience I had with the team.

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IT Technician


Kara Brotherton

Went from Stay at home spouse to Pharmacy Technician.

This decision is a no brainer! I am so pleased with the courses that MedCerts offers! I recently finished the Pharmacy Technician course & the Certified Medical Administrative Assistant course! I needed the flexibility being a military spouse and a mother of a 9 month old! All the student support was amazing to work with and make you feel at home & comfortable in this nerve wracking decision! Jason was the absolute best at making sure I felt comfortable in my future with these positions and taking the exams. I highly recommend this school to anyone. Thank you MedCerts for making it possible to give my family a better future!

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Jo Dohning


Went from to Career Coach, GCDF.

MedCerts is the only on-line courses that have been approved for us to utilize. Each client that I have sent is thoroughly interviewed by MedCerts staff to make sure what they need and want for training, have written waivers to help in the affordability of the training when needed, send out bimonthly reports on each student, also provide job openings to the students (on a monthly basis I believe). They answer every question we and or the student has, provide extensions on time to allow students to succeed even though “life” happens once in a while.

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Sarita Frasier, 40s


Went from Chef to Student Support - Health Care.

My experience with MedCerts has been great! My being in the older end of the spectrum, I would sometimes get discouraged and feel overwhelmed, but the staff there always has such encouragement to offer and support. From Barb and Sandy to Crystal they all keep me on track.

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Maria Gehman, 50s


Went from Server to Certified Pharmacy Technician.

My entire adult life I was a server. It had been a long time since I’ve had to do any studying and never did it involve using a computer. Jason was instrumental in helping me work through these issues. He talked me off the ceiling quite a few times when I was very frustrated. He pointed me in the right direction and checked on me to make sure I was doing well.

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Kristen Isele-Johnson


Went from to Business Services Rep. Employment and Training Specialist.

MedCerts has been very helpful in providing my customers with training in the Healthcare field. I often refer customers to Pamela Harvey, Regional Educational Consultant for career counseling and advice on how to tailor their training to meet their career goals. MedCerts is very user friendly for me in my role by providing prompt feedback regularly on students’ progress throughout the training period and following the training as they prepare for exams and certification. They are also an asset to students that fall behind- offering outreach, adjustments and plans to improve student progress.

Rose Frost, 60s


Went from Library Assistant to Pharmacy Technician.

"My experience was very positive. The program is very flexible. I completed my course work while working a full time job in a completely different field. I chose MedCerts because of the available externship. I moved from Indiana to Michigan before I completed my MedCerts classes. I can still remember the day Jason Priest called me to tell me that he had arranged for an externship for me in a retail pharmacy about 30 miles from where I had moved to in Northern Michigan. It is exactly what I was hoping for."

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Brandi Welch, 40s


Went from Outpatient Coder to Medical Auditor.

My experience with MedCerts was wonderful. The program prepared me to take the certifications I need to advance in my career. I had the office experience but not the credentialing. This program gave me the study guides along with the guidance to take my exams.

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Alicia Theis, 50s


Went from Plant Worker to Medical Coder.

I learned about Medcerts from the Careerlink in Bristol Pa. after the Nabisco plant I worked at as a machine operator closed. I worked at Nabisco for 31 years. Medcerts offered me a wide range of opportunities after I completed my Allied Health Professional course. This course offers 5 different certifications that will help you acquire a job in the health field. My experience with Medcerts was great. I could always get help from the staff, whether it was course work or a technical issue. One time in particular, I was having trouble figuring out some answers to questions in my coding class. I was able to reach my support person quickly and it turned out I was driving myself crazy for nothing. It was actually a typo. We got a good laugh out of that ad I found out my answer was right after all. I wouldn't have been able to achieve this without Medcerts.

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Medical Coder


Cherdaria Wier, 30s


Went from Day Care Teacher to Pharmacy Technician.

My name is Cherdaria Wier and I live in Colorado and my husband is stationed at Ft. Carson. I learned about MedCerts on Facebook on a sponsored ad. I took the pharmacy technician program which also had the medical assistant program with it. My experience with MedCerts was great. I was told everything would be taken care of financially, which it was. It was really easy to stay motivated! You could watch the videos and take the quizzes and tests as many times as you wanted. It also allowed you to take as many notes as you wanted, that way you could refer back to those notes if need be. Prior to MedCerts and while I was doing the program, I was a daycare teacher working 40 hours a week, not to mention a full time mom as well. A counselor informed me to contact a local Walgreens for an internship in which I did. I interned with a Walgreens for 6 weeks obtaining over 120 hours educational hours. The internship is what helped the most out of the program. After the program, I applied at another Walgreens for a pharmacy technician position and was hired. I took and passed my test for my pharmacy technician license, 4 months later. I am now a certified pharmacy technician.

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Michelle McClure, 20s


Went from Retail to Pharmacy Technician.

I had nothing but great experiences with Medcerts! They were always very quick to answer any of my questions and gave me all the information I needed! I also loved that they do study sessions with you prior to taking your certification exam to make sure you know your stuff and you are ready!

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Holly Bergstrom


Went from to Employment Training Specialist.

I have been working with MedCerts for several years, and they have never disappointed me as a case manager/career advisor in workforce development. They assist students in finding a job while they are in school by sending postings on a regular basis and then help the student with their resume and job search after they finish their training.

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Beverly Fike, 60s


Went from Store Supervisor to Sub Contractor.

MedCerts was a very good schooling experience. Everyone that I had contact with was very informative and very helpful. The most memorable moments were working with Sandy Mead. She had a very strong challenge getting my local career link to have the Certified Professional Coder course added to their WIOA program, but all of her hard work and determination paid off and I was able to take this course and pass it with an 87%. MedCerts has a very good CPC course and I would highly recommend it.

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Sub Contractor


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“This decision is a no brainer!” —Kara B.