About MedCerts

MedCerts is a distance learning initiative to provide self-paced, user-friendly multimedia, simulations, and more importantly, mentored learning assistance from expert instructors and certification professionals. Our comprehensive video-based training programs provide students with the knowledge and skills required to obtain nationally and internationally recognized certifications in growing specialized Healthcare and IT fields.

Our mission is to prepare students and workers for high-demand jobs and careers. To this effect, our instructors develop and offer individualized short-duration training courses in health information systems administration---including information technology (IT) and medical administrative assistant certifications.

We provide the necessary skills to earn nationally and internationally recognized certifications in high-demand areas. The main beneficiaries of the program are the underemployed, unemployed, disabled, dislocated workers and students. But, also individuals interested in changing careers or improving their information-age skills.

The short programs (3-6 months) are taught using innovative, friendly, mentor-assisted, self-paced learning technologies. So, students and participants can set their own learning schedule and pace depending on their needs and career goals.

These career certification training programs are offered as non-credit continuing-education and do not lead to an academic degree.

MedCerts is licensed as a Proprietary School with the State of Michigan. Each of our Healthcare and IT programs has been reviewed and approved by the State of Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA). Additionally, MedCerts is fully Accredited by the Indiana Office of Career and Technical Schools.

Need and Delivery Strategy

By recognizing the need for a skilled workforce in a challenging global economy, MedCerts is providing training that will help you retrain and get certified faster and more efficiently.

MedCerts provides self-paced, user-friendly multimedia, simulations, and, more importantly, one-on-one assistance from expert instructors and certification professionals.

Our Instructors

Our world-class instructors have decades of experience in the medical and IT fields. Their work experience comes from a wide variety of different companies within their respective industries including technology/software companies, billing companies, Physician Hospital Organizations (PHOs), and family practices in both clinical and administrative capacities.

Certifications held by our instructors include:

  • CPC - Certified Professional Coder (AAPC)
  • NCMOA - National Certified Medical Office Administrator (NCCT)
  • CEHRS - Certified Electronic Health Records Specialist (NHA)
  • CHI - Certified Healthcare Instructor (NHA)
  • CMAA - Certified Medical Administrative Assistant (NHA)
  • CBCS - Certified Billing and Coding Specialist (NHA)
  • CPHT - Certified Pharmacy Technician (NHA and PTCB)
  • CHA - Certified HIPAA Administrator (HIPPA Academy)
  • RMM - Registered Medical Manager (MMI)
  • CompTIA A+
  • CompTIA Net+
  • CompTIA Healthcare IT
  • CompTIA Security+
  • CompTIA Server+
  • CompTIA i-Net+
  • CompTIA Linux+
  • MCSA - Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate
  • MCSE - Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert
  • MOS - Microsoft Office Specialist

Disclosures and Authorizations

This PDF is the MedCerts Consumer Information Disclosure Form.

Corporate Affiliates

hcealogoThe Health Care Education Association is a multi-disciplinary professional organization of health care educators that creates resources, instruction, & communications for both staff and clients.

They are inclusive of educators from across the continuum of care and their membership represents large and small, rural and urban, education, practice, regulation, and the full allied health care team.

HCEA strives to be the premier organization where health care educators from various disciplines collaborate in the development and use of evidence-based tools for client and staff education, resulting in competent practice and high quality health care for all.

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Pharmacy Technician Externship


MedCerts has reached a nationwide agreement with Walgreens Pharmacy that will give Pharmacy Technician students an edge when preparing for the PTCE exam, and will set our graduates apart within the job market.


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