Military spouses can request to speak to a MyCAA Service Delivery Manager (1-800-342-9647) for any service delivery issue.

If spouses have a concern regarding MyCAA policy, MyCAA and Military OneSource staffs do not have the authority to make policy changes. However, they can provide spouses with policy waiver request information.

  • Automatic Waivers will be granted when schools require an upfront tuition payment that exceeds the annual $2,000 cap, up to the maximum MyCAA education benefit amount of $4,000 or the balance of the spouse’s account.

  • Forgiveness Waivers may be requested by spouses who have failed, withdrawn or received an incomplete for a course for the first time. In such cases, spouses must contact a Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Counselor to discuss the situation and to develop a plan to prevent reoccurrences. If a second offense occurs, the spouse’s account will be closed permanently.

  • Hardship Waivers must be requested by the spouse in writing with official documentation provided to MyCAA supporting the hardship reason. Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Counselors can provide additional details on this waiver process and requirements. Course extensions which incur an additional cost to MyCAA require a hardship waiver.

  • Waiver Decision Appeals associated with Hardship Waiver denials should be sent to the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Military Community & Family Policy).

Spouses can send an e-mail to to provide feedback on the MyCAA program and website to the Department of Defense.

Spouses who have completed their program of study and found employment should use the Help/Contact Us button on the MyCAA Spouse Portal ( to provide information required by the Spouse Terms & Conditions Agreement signed when the spouse opened his or her MyCAA Account.

School officials should visit the Schools Resource Page on the MyCAA Spouse Portal ( for contact information and assistance.

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