In order to open a MyCAA Account and request up to $4,000 of education financial assistance funding on a course-by-course basis, military spouses must read and electronically sign the following Spouse Terms and Conditions Agreement.

  • I agree that I am solely responsible for the establishment and management of my MyCAA Account. Under no circumstances shall I share my account username or password with anyone, including but not limited to my military sponsor or school representatives.

  • I agree to develop an Education and Training Plan in coordination with school officials. I understand that a Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Counselor is required to approve this plan prior to my requesting MyCAA financial assistance.

  • I understand that the maximum MyCAA financial assistance benefit is $4,000 and that there is a $2,000 annual fiscal year spending cap. Spending cap waivers are available if the spouse’s school requires an upfront tuition payment exceeding $2,000 (up to the maximum $4,000 education benefit).

  • I understand that MyCAA funding cannot be used to audit, to repeat a course (unless MyCAA receives a full refund from the school), or to pay for non-academic credit / ungraded courses such as college / freshman orientation programs, internships, practicums or supervised clinical assignments.

  • I understand that I must submit a MyCAA financial assistance (FA) request for each course in my Education and Training Plan on a course-by-course basis between 60 -15 days prior to course start dates. I understand that failure to do so will result in my being held responsible for paying course costs.

  • I understand that spouses that have participated in the Career Advancement Accounts program administered by the Department of Labor and funded by the Department of Defense and Department of Labor are not eligible to participate in the MyCAA without a waiver. If spouses have used less than $4,000 from the CAA program a Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Counselor must be contacted for a waiver to be issued to use the remaining funds.

  • I agree to allow the Department of Defense and my school to share information which is necessary for MyCAA Program administration and paying of school invoices. I understand I am responsible for ensuring that my grades are posted in the AI Portal within 60 days of course completion by school officials. I understand I will not be allowed to use additional MyCAA funding until my grades are posted.

  • I understand if I fail or withdraw from a course, my MyCAA Account will be suspended and no financial assistance documents can be created until I contact a Spouse Education and Career Opportunities Counselor. If a second failure or withdrawal is made, I understand that I will not be allowed to receive any further funds from MyCAA.

  • I understand that if I receive a grade of incomplete, I am required to attain a satisfactory grade within 6 months of the course end date unless a shorter term is specified by my school. I understand that my account will be suspended and no additional MyCAA funding will be provided until I complete this course.

  • I understand that waivers related to course failures, withdrawals and incompletes are authorized for “hardship” cases (e.g. unanticipated health issues, permanent change of duty location, temporary duty assignments, emergency leave of the military member, or hospitalization for a length of time that precludes course completion). Waiver requests must be signed by my military sponsor’s supervisor or higher authority and uploaded into my MyCAA Account eFile. They must include:

(1) Name/title/code of course(s) for which the wavier is requested
(2) Reason for the Wavier
(3) Name, title and command for military sponsor’s supervisor or higher authority

IN SUMMARY: I have read the above Spouse Terms and Conditions Agreement. I understand that non-compliance may result in (1) my being held responsible for tuition and examination costs; (2) indefinite suspension of my MyCAA Account; or (3) in the case of fraud, permanent closure of my MyCAA Account. I agree to follow MyCAA Guidelines and to honor these terms and conditions, including the requirement to notify MyCAA when I find gainful employment in a portable career field and occupation.

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